Our Mission

To create a community of learners striving to fulfill their individual and collective intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical potential;

To forge partnerships for learning among parents, students, teachers, and local community institutions;

To challenge all to assume their active roles in improving both the local and global communities

To create an environment in which learners construct meaning by actively participating in the learning process.

Learning Community

Jahn is a unique learning community that values and demonstrates respect for the individual and the educational experience at every level. A diverse student body, a progressive and expert faculty, caring and supportive parents, supportive benefactors, and community partners work together to create a place that showcases what a neighborhood school can be.

Jahn is home to challenging and rigorous programs that yield great results.  We use a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.  Hands-on instruction, cooperative learning, gradual release of responsibility, inquiry, and inclusive practices set us apart from other educational institutions.