Awarded Jahn Visual Arts Creative Schools Fund grant to implement school beautifying projects (listed bellow).

YAB (You Are Beautiful organization)

Collaborated with 3rd-5th graders to create outdoor “Turn Dreams Into Reality” installation on Belmont Avenue fence.

Jessica Mueller

Artist and school parent who collaborated with 5th graders to create "What Makes a Hero?" Installation in the school cafeteria. Awarded Roscoe Village Neighborhood grant funding to create and paint entrance murals at Jahn.

Project AIM

Jahn partnered with Project AIM (Arts Integration Mentorship), an initiative out of Columbia College of Chicago that fosters collaboration between artists and teachers to infuse curriculum with creativity, giving students the opportunity to experience, explore and express the curriculum through the arts. Project AIM’s resident artist Sun Yun, in conjunction with Ms. Wray’s 7 th  grade Language Arts class worked to create a tapestry representing student identity. The tapestry will be installed as a permanent display at Jahn.