B.S. Speech Pathology
University of the Philippines Manila

Hi! I am Charmaine Contreras, one of Jahn’s new Visiting International Teacher. I graduated from University of the Philippines Manila with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology. I worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist for 9 years and I am very much excited to work with the Diverse Learner population here at Jahn as a Learning Behavior Specialist this year.

I love and feel the most comfortable when teaching, playing, and talking to kids in general. I believe kids are naturally drawn to me more than adults do. Being an introvert myself made me understand why some kids engage and participate differently from the outspoken ones but that does not make them any less smart. This realization made me passionate about getting to know my students better by connecting with them on a personal and emotional level because I believe that they will achieve their full potential if they feel safe, heard, and understood.  

I prefer spending quiet time alone to recharge and relax as much as I enjoy walking, working out at the gym, joining yoga classes, and running short marathons. I also love watching Korean dramas and am a fan of an awesome Korean boy band. Traveling is an activity I enjoy a lot and recently I tried traveling solo and would love to do it again soon. Next year, I would love to learn a new language probably Japanese or Spanish and hopefully join the Chicago marathon.