Hello Jahn Families! My name is Kellie Soendergaard, and this is my first year at Jahn as School Counselor. I'm so excited to be part of the Jahn community and work together to support all of our students this year. Below you will find regular updates as I receive them, my bio, and contact information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! 



Getting Ready to Apply to High School

There are only two weeks remaining until the application period opens for the 2019-20 school year. It’s very important that 8th grade families activate your account before the start of the application period so you will know which programs you are eligible to apply to. Below are some important points to help you understand this information and how it relates to the application process.

High School Program Options

Once your family activates your account, you will see a list of all the high school programs to which you can apply using GoCPS. Many schools offer multiple program options. In most cases, students will apply to individual programs within a school vs. applying to the school in general. To apply to ninth grade, students will submit only ONE application for the programs they are interested in. Programs are categorized in two groups: Choice Programs and Selective Enrollment Programs.

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Select & Rank

Families can apply to up to 20 Choice Programs, and if students are eligible, up to 6 Selective Enrollment Programs. During the application period, you will select the programs you want to apply to, rank them in order of preference, provide any supplemental information required for the programs selected, and schedule and participate in any required admissions screenings (admissions exams, auditions, information sessions, and/or interviews).

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you to list the schools/programs on the application in the ORDER OF YOUR CHOICE. You will list the program you want MOST as your first choice, the program you want next as your second choice, and so on. This is the order in which the student will be considered.

Note that if you apply for both Choice Programs and Selective Enrollment Programs and Choice Programs, you will rank your selections on two separate lists.

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Single Best Offer

Students can receive one offer to the highest-ranked Choice Program and one offer to the highest-ranked Selective Enrollment program where they are qualified and where there are available seats. If they do not qualify for a Choice or Selective Enrollment offer from a program to which they apply, they are guaranteed a seat in the general education program of their neighborhood school.

Open Houses

Be sure to visit the high schools in which you are interested by attending an open house. Check out the Dates and Events calendar at GoCPS to view these events by date, or search by school or zip code.

Web Browsers

GoCPS is optimized for view on Chrome and Safari web browsers. We recommend using one of these to access the site.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the activation process, contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or email gocps@cps.edu.

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M.A. Counselor Education
Northeastern Illinois University

Kellie Soendergaard
School Counselor

Although originally from Wisconsin, I lived abroad for seven years in countries such as the Netherlands, Honduras, Thailand, and Germany due to a passion and innate curiosity for all human beings, culture, and language. Empowering students of diverse backgrounds has been integral to each professional opportunity in my international career thus far. At Jahn, I hope to continue to build meaningful relationships capable of inspiring intercultural leaders in all areas of life by providing the support and opportunities every student deserves.