Trinity Christian University


My name is Elizabeth Journet and I have worked at Jahn for 9 years. I am a Special Education Classroom Assistant. My years here at Jahn have been transformational. I have worked in all grade levels from pre-k through 8th grade.  Every year, every student, every teacher and administrator has left an impact on me and have led me to pursue a career in education. I am currently a student at Trinity Christian College pursuing a dual certification in Special Education and Middle School Math. Students of all walks of life are my passion and Jahn's mission and vision of inclusion is in line with what I believe a school should look like.

I am a proud mother of three amazing kids.  I have always pushed them to their full potential and more.  I have been a cheerleader at their sports events.  I have been a therapist and a chauffeur.  What I didn’t realize is that as they grow up they are now my biggest fans.  They have attended my sport events.  They push me and encourage me to reach my potential. They fuel my life goals.

My passion for teaching has grown immensely. I believe that all students can learn and it is up to us to tap into each one of them and create a safe and warm environment for them to reach their potential. I look forward to another amazing year here at Jahn.