Jahn is proud to be one of the few fully inclusive schools in CPS.  Inclusion is a philosophical practice in which a multitude of diverse learners of mixed ability are taught in the same classroom. Co-teaching is one way to implement inclusion." The Co-Teaching Book of Lists by Katherine Perez

Within a true co-teaching model, teachers plan together, instruct the class together, and collaborate with grading and differentiating instruction."Co-teaching and Collaboration in the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Success" by Susan Gingras Fitzell

To differentiate instruction is to recognize students' carrying background knowledge, readiness, language, [culture], preferences in learning and interests; and to react responsively. Differentiated instruction is a process of teaching and learning for students of differing abilities in the same class. (National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum)

Jahn has a partnership with the GUST Foundation, which provides financial support in addition to professional development for inclusive practices.

For more information on inclusion, see Paula Kluth’s website:  http://www.paulakluth.com