Kindergarten is your child's first experience with formal education. Since this primary year provides a foundation for success in the grades that follow, it is very important that your child is in a class where they feel nurtured and supported.  At Jahn, we will provide your child with an academic experience that is loving, nurturing, inclusive and holistic. We are dedicated to providing our students with an environment that will support their developmental needs at all levels while also encouraging student autonomy.                                   

When you walk into our Kindergarten classrooms you will find a calm and comfortable atmosphere conducive to student learning. We aim to provide our students with a setting that is inclusive, differentiated, and organized in a way that supports their independence. We believe that students at this early age benefit from healthy practices that support social/emotional development.

Our classroom philosophies and practices are guided by the belief that they promote feelings of confidence, safety, and academic growth in our students. A healthy learning environment will always be buzzing with noise, that’s how you know children are learning! At Jahn, our kindergarteners are busy all day long. Our teachers create schedules to ensure that students are provided adequate time to support their needs in different academic and developmental areas. We value family involvement and firmly believe that students are more successful through an established partnership between home and school. It is very important that we communicate with families regularly so that we can best support our students.

For more information, please download the SY 21-22 Kindergarten Information Presentation or listen to the recording