I believe education is a key that can open doors to worlds that a child never dreamed existed. I started my educational journey at Northwestern University with a B.S. degree in Radio, Tv, and film. I have a MFA in film production and theory, M.ED in early childhood, and ED.D in Curriculum and Instruction. I also have an ESL endorsement and Type 75 License. Each time I stepped onto a new educational pathway, I have encountered obstacles but also a wealth of knowledge and choices that altered my way of thinking thus changing my life's destiny. This is what I want for all children to have a wealth of choices in order to achieve their best life destiny. As an educator, I know one of the key components in achievement is a good educational foundation. An educational foundation will allow children or any individual to have choice in personal and professional goals. In George Orwell's 1984, the character Smith said," Real freedom is the ability to say 2+2=5." This is what a good education allows an individual: choices and freedom.

In my golden moments of down time, I am an avid “foodie”. I love going out to eat with family and friends. I also love traveling and reading. Someday I hope to visit my favorite places, Australia and Bora –Bora.