Jahn School of the Fine Arts’ curriculum is based off of the conceptual framework of the new National Arts Standards, which focuses on artistic literacy and the guiding philosophical values that make art so crucial to students lives (The arts as communication, creative personal realization, connectors of culture and history, a means to wellbeing, and community engagement).

Using these guiding principals, Ms. Lynch creates relevant projects that allow for higher level thinking and for students to individualize their pieces according to their strengths, interests, and big ideas. Each grade level has a collection of challenging assignments that are broken down into attainable yet highly challenging goals to guarantee student mastery, but within the curriculum there is plenty of room for improvisation and new projects based on students’ ideas. Drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation are some of the formats you will see Jahn Artists working in. You will also see many projects that turn into permanent installations, as the curriculum often explores what it means to be a public artist and how creativity can alter the way people feel in a space.


Art Events

Jahn is also continuously pursuing ways to creatively connect with the surrounding community and organizations around Chicago. If you are interested in connecting, please email [email protected]



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