Anti-Bullying Campaign

Dear Jahn Parents and Guardians,

Jahn Elementary School is hosting an Anti-Bullying Campaign the week of Monday, October 25th through Friday, October 29th. 

The theme at our school for the week and year ahead will include the slogan: "Be cool in our school, it's bully free and so are we." We ask that you take this opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your child or children about bullying. 

Please find some tools to help you with this discussion at home. 

Stop Bullying, Stomp Out Bullying, Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center

As part of Anti-Bullying week, we will be holding schoolwide daily activities for students.  We are looking forward as a school to focus on tolerance and implement strategies in order to build a Bully-Free Environment

The language that we are encouraging when a student encounters bullying will include the concept of asking the bully to stop, walk away from the bully, and talk to an adult for additional support. We are excited about your participation this week!  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact school administrators and or the school counselor/ psychologist/social worker.

Monday, October 25th - Everyone has a Name Day, students will wear name tags and greet everyone by name throughout the day.

Tuesday, October 26th- Nobody Eats Alone/Mix it up day, students will be encouraged to sit with other peers that they don’t normally interact with.

Wednesday, October 27th - Random Act of Kindness Day, Students/Teachers will be asked to complete random acts of kindness all day! These will be posted in the school’s entryway.

Thursday, October 28th - Favorite T-shirt day, students are encouraged to wear their favorite t-shirt that depicts their own personal interests and connect with others.  

Friday, October 29th, - Jahn Pride. Students/Teachers will wear Jahn colors to show our unity and pride in our community.  Do you need a Jahn Swag?  Please click here to visit Jahn spirit wear ideas or purchase.  


Michael Herring, Principal