The library is officially open! Classes visit the library at their scheduled time each week (see below) and have the opportunity to check out books and bring them home. We are so excited to share the revamped space and introduce the kids to new books!
How can you help?
Volunteer in the library! We would love to have volunteers to help return and check out books, assist students in the library, and care for all the books. We would love to have a consistent group of volunteers to learn the library system, but we welcome all help! You can sign up to volunteer in the library. The times on the sign-up indicate when classes will be visiting the library. If you would like to help outside those times, please email as there are plenty of things that can be done when kids are not in the library. All volunteers must have at least CPS Level 2 Volunteer clearance
Ready to volunteer? Take a look at the rest of the year and sign up here!
Remind your student(s) how to treat library books! Students will be learning the importance of taking care of the books so more can enjoy them. This means keeping the books somewhere safe and dry, not writing in them, returning them on time, and just generally taking care of them. To identify books as belonging to the Jahn Library, they will have a barcode on the back cover and/or the first page inside the book with "JAHN ES."
Know when your student visits the library and help keep track of their books! Visiting the library at the school, and the responsibility that comes with it, will be a new experience for everyone. Remind your student when they will be visiting so they can return and check out new books with their class. 
What happens if a book is lost or damaged?
We know accidents happen! If a book is lost or damaged, please let a library volunteer or your student's teacher know. We want to make sure that we keep books on the shelves for many kids to love, so if it becomes a recurring issue check out will no longer be an option. Of course, books can always be read in the library when the class is visiting, but books will be checked out if a student has lost or damaged multiple books.
Thank you so much for your patience as we have worked on the library and for your support from home! Any questions can be sent to [email protected]
Library Volunteers and Friends of Jahn