LSC Meeting Rescheduled for 1/26 @ 6pm

Join the virtual meeting via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 881 9115 0835    
Passcode: 174379    
Dial in: 312-626-6799
Guidelines for Public Comment:
  • Jahn LSC provides 30 minutes ahead of Committee Reports for public comment.
  • Please limit speaking time to no more than 3 minutes per person, inclusive of interpretation.
  • For hybrid or virtual meetings, virtual participants may sign up for speaking slots by entering their name in the Zoom chat window. Once Public Comment has concluded, the Zoom chat is reserved solely for use by Council members.
  • Speakers will be called in the order they sign up. For hybrid meetings, those signing up in person will be called prior to virtual participants.
  • After all in-person and virtual signups have had an opportunity to speak, anyone dialing in who is unable to access the chat will be allowed to unmute to sign up if they wish.
  • If time remains after all speakers have addressed the Council, individuals may sign up for a second speaking opportunity.