LSC Weekly Update - Monday May 23rd

Last week was a very exciting week in the hiring process - we received a large batch of qualified applicants.

Also last week, the interview working group ran data analyses on our survey data. Thanks again to all staff and families who completed the surveys!  Using this survey data along with information collected during our listening sessions the prior week, we’ve been able to complete our first review of applications based on what we know is important to our school community.  We also used this community input to formulate interview questions for the first round of interviews.

The first round of interviews begins early this week.  We are looking forward to meeting with our candidates to learn more about them and how they might be the right fit for the next leader of Jahn.

As was mentioned last week, the LSC has created a designated resource page on our school website that can be found here. The Hiring Process Timeline can also be found on this resource page.

Looking ahead, we still plan to hold a candidate forum before school lets out for the summer.  This is another chance for our community to express their voices and have input into the hiring process.  Stay tuned in coming weeks for further details.