Anti-Bullying Week is October 17-21

Here are some tools to help you with these discussions at home:, and As part of Anti-Bullying week, we will be holding schoolwide daily activities for students. We are looking forward as a school to focus on tolerance and implement strategies in order to build a Bully Free Environment.
The language that we are encouraging when a student encounters bullying will include the concept of asking the bully to stop, walk away from the bully, and to talk to an adult for additional support. We are excited about your participation during this week. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact school administrators and or the school counselor/psychologist/social worker.
  • Monday, October 17th - Everyone has a Name Day, students will wear name tags and greet everyone by name throughout the day.
  • Tuesday, October 18th- Mix it up day, students will be encouraged to sit with other peers that they don’t normally interact with and/or play with someone new at recess. Students will be challenged to socially interact with those they typically don’t spend time with.
  • Wednesday, October 19th - Encourage & Empower. Wear your Jahn Pride gear and encourage to give a compliment or help out another fellow Husky classmate or teacher. Do you need a Jahn Swag? Please visit the website HERE for Jahn gear.
  • Thursday, October 20th - Random Acts of Kindness Day, leave your mark, utilize the paw handouts to share how you impacted the school in a positive way.
  • Friday, October 21st, -No School–Staff Professional Development Day
  • Monday, October 24th, - Feel good Monday. Celebrate that our school is bully free by wearing an article of clothing that is Blue. This is the official color of Anti-Bullying Month. Jahn Pride. #blueuptogether