Principal Message - September 18th

Greetings Husky Families
Welcome to another great week at Jahn School of Fine Arts.  We have reached the midpoint of the school year's first quarter.  This only means it’s time for progress reports.  Can you believe me?  By the end of this week, our Kindergarten through 8th graders will have also completed our beginning of the year progress monitoring assessments, i-Ready (K-2) and Star360 (3rd-8th).  On Thursday, our 1st through 8th graders will bring home two documents (progress reports and their progressing monitoring assessment results) and our kindergartners will bring home one (i-Ready progress monitoring results).  Both documents will assist teachers by providing a snapshot of where students are academically.  
Last Friday (September 15th) marked the official start of Latinx and Indigenous Peoples’ Heritage Month.  At Jahn, our official celebrations start on Thursday, September 21st with Churros and Chocolate at 7:30 am.  If time permits, please join us for a tasty treat and great music prior to the start of the school day.  Later that day, at dismissal, our 8th graders' first fundraiser for their legacy trip to Washington, D.C. starts.  Kona Ice will be on campus with shaved ice for everyone to purchase.  Later that evening, there will be a movie night outdoors (weather permitting) beginning at 5 pm.  The movie night is a great week to end the week as Friday is a non-attendance day for our students. On Friday, our staff will be immersed in professional learning.  
Stay tuned for other events highlighting the numerous contributions Latinx and Indigenous people have made to our society.  
Our social emotional learning (SEL) theme for the month of September is “Building Community.”  This theme is one that is embraced by our staff throughout the year.  Please check in with your children to see how this theme is coming to life within their classrooms.  
On a final note, during last week, Jahn held its first official Safety Week.  During this week we participated in our first fire drill and each classroom took their students through a video highlighting bus evacuations.  This week we will hold our lockdown drill.  Additional details on that event and when it will happen are in the Updates/Reminders section.  Please read below.  
Have an amazing week.  

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Dr. Kimbrough 
Upcoming Lockdown Drill Notice:  The safety of students, staff, and visitors is a top priority for CPS.  To support this commitment, CPS conducts emergency preparedness drills on an annual basis, in line with the Illinois Safety Drill Act.  The goal of these safety drills is to create a sense of safety for students while explaining the purpose of the drills in a developmentally appropriate way.  

The Illinois Safety Drill Act (105 ILCS 128), requires a hard lockdown drill be conducted annually.  This year that drill is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 20th.  

If there is any reason why your child is not able to participate in this drill, please contact the main office at 773.534.5500.  
Sick Student Measures:  
  • We send students home that are experiencing fever (100.4 degrees or higher), vomiting, diarrhea. They cannot return until 24 hours symptom free.
  • If the student is experiencing any other symptoms, it is the parent's decision if they are going to pick up their child or not.
  • Students that test positive for COVID are to stay home for 5 days and wear a mask for another 5 days on return.
  • If a student is experiencing another contagious cold (Flu/strep) that has been diagnosed by an MD, they have to have been on treatment for 24 hours and be 24 hours symptom free before returning to school.
  • Inform the school if a physician diagnoses your child with any contagious/infectious disease, such as chicken pox, measles, etc.
  • Get a written release from a doctor for your child to return to school if he or she is diagnosed with or suspected of having a communicable/nuisance disease.
  • Schools follow the sick student protocol for all student illnesses.

CPS Recess Weather Guidelines:   Please see this link:  CPS Recess Weather Guidelines for recess weather guidelines.  We try our best to get students outside as much as possible.  Please have students dress appropriately for the weather.  
For Further Assistance:  
Enrollment, Parent Portal, Student Fees, Transportation, Volunteering, and Ventra Cards:  Contact:  Margo Innocente [email protected]
Medical Compliance:  Dr. Stephanie Rossi [email protected] or Cihomaria Rubio Arias [email protected] 
YMCA After School Programming:  [email protected] 
504/IEP Questions:  Jackie Defina [email protected]