There are many ways to volunteer at Jahn Elementary School.
Please note that some roles require volunteers to be officially approved by CPS. More information on that process is that the bottom of this page.
The Jahn playlot is home again to the Roscoe Village Farmers Market through October 9th. The market runs on Sundays from 8am-12pm and Jahn will have a table most weeks offering family-friendly activities that will be staffed by teacher, faculty, and parent/guardian volunteers. To volunteer, please sign up here
Room Reps help create an inclusive and welcoming environment by strengthening family to family partnerships within their classroom. They help facilitate communication and work with their teacher on classroom activities, events, and projects.
Volunteer for your classroom when you hear more about the program from your teacher! A short Room Rep Orientation will be hosted. 
Are you detail-oriented and great with organization? We need help with sending out Jahn's weekly newsletter and keeping the Jahn School page up-to-date on Facebook. We are always looking for help with Spanish translation as well. If interested, contact FOJ's Mollie Vivoda at [email protected].
Have other skills and experience like website management, public relations, and grant writing? Please reach out!
We have several opportunities to inform school policy and make a lasting impact at Jahn. These roles may require a more formal commitment. Learn more here.
According to CPS there are two types of volunteers at school.
  • Level 1 volunteers can work alone with students, pull small groups in the hallway, go on class field trips, or are in the building over 10 hours per week. This includes if you run a club or host a student event after school that is Jahn based.
  • Level 2 volunteers are anyone working with Jahn students in a setting with a CPS employee the entire time for less than 10 hours per week. This would include volunteering for a class party, reading in a classroom, or volunteering at a school day event.
Please note that if you want to be allowed in the building when students are present anywhere outside of the main office or counselor’s office, you must be an approved volunteer.
To become an approved volunteer, please do the following:
Step 1: Submit an Application
The process for becoming a volunteer at Jahn begins with an application process. You choose which level volunteer you would like to apply for. If you are already a level 2 and would like to be level one, enter new volunteer as the option. Click Here to Access the Volunteer Application
Step 2: Submit ID
After you complete your application please send an email to Jahn's Office Clerk and attach a photocopy of your ID or come to the main office with your ID so we can keep a photocopy on record.
Step 3: Confirmation / Next Steps
You will receive an email from CPS with next steps.
  • Level 1 volunteers will receive instructions on how to move forward with fingerprinting and TB testing (this can take a few weeks).
  • Level 2 volunteers will receive an email when they are eligible to volunteer (approx 48 hours from submitting ID).
If you believe you have already submitted an application but haven’t heard from CPS, please send an email to Jahn's Office Clerk to confirm what step your application is on at this time.