Madeline Olm-Shipman

Hello, my name is Ms. Maddy and I am a general education preschool teacher in room 001! I earned my Masters in Early Childhood Education from DePaul University and completed the AUSL Teaching Residency Program in 2016. I'm currently pursuing my endorsement in teaching English as a Second Language from Roosevelt University.
My teaching philosophy is grounded in community. I strive to cultivate an environment where every child feels a sense of belonging and responsibility for the wellbeing of our learning community. This is achieved through practices like mindfulness, yoga and talking circles where the children learn to express themselves and empathize with the experiences of others. My teaching style could be best described as joyful! I love using dance, games, music and humor to help children form positive relationships with school and learning.
In our classroom, we believe that family partnership and collaboration is critical to ensuring that the unique needs of every child are being met. Close relationships with families also ensure that the children begin the transition to school feeling safe and supported. We also believe in empowering children to become actively engaged in their learning by asking questions, collaborating with their peers and allowing their innate curiosity to guide their experiences in the classroom.
I currently reside in the Rogers Park neighborhood with my partner. When I'm not in the classroom I love to read, sew, practice yoga and try new restaurants around the city!