Nancy Rivera

I am a mother to 6 amazing children, I have one I call "my Peanut" who was born at 27 preemie completely changed my life around, he had developmental delay and diagnosed with Autism at age 3 a word my family and I were not familiar with, at age 15 he suffered his 1st epileptic seizure. He will turn 18 in October and is currently Junior in a CPS HS.


I began my journey at Jahn in the Main Office as a Clerk Assistant for 7 years. I was offered the Teacher Assistant Position and as much as I enjoyed the office work, interacting with all staff, parents and students I must say I truly enjoy my time in the classroom as a Teacher Assistant working with students!!! I have a passion and love to work with children at all levels, I feel honored to work alongside of a tremendous hard working dedicated team at Jahn. Watching and listening to the children as they learn, play, work, speak or smile is what I look forward to when I come to work every workday!!


In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, cooking and bike riding.