2022-23 Principal Hiring Update

Jahn’s Local School Council (LSC) has started the process of hiring a new principal.

This week: The job advertisement was posted on the CPS website.  You can view the job ad here: https://www.cps.edu/careers/school-leadership/principal-opportunities/ 

The LSC interview working group is meeting Wednesday, April 27th at 7pm via zoom.  Everyone is welcome to attend. The zoom link and meeting agenda can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uRpBBgEKU30MX75w9SXGVHtFBk3qP3SuvNVHVhKk67s/edit 

Next Steps: The job ad will run for two weeks, until May 11th.  During this time we will be reviewing applications, and we will begin the first round of phone interviews.

Get involved: The LSC wants your input!  It is imperative that we hear from all stakeholders, including staff and families during this process.   We want to learn what qualifications are most important to you in hiring a new principal. We plan to distribute a survey and/or hold an open forum to gather this input.  More information on these opportunities to come soon.

Stay informed: Everyone is always welcome to attend public meetings. Please see the website for our school calendar: https://www.jahnschool.com/apps/events/?id=0&id=1&id=2 

Questions/Concerns/Feedback for the LSC?  Please email: [email protected] 

Information about the LSC can be found here on our school website: https://www.jahnschool.com/apps/pages/LSC 

General LSC information can be found on the CPS website: https://www.cps.edu/about/local-school-councils/