Bilingual Advisory Council


Jahn has a Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) for parents whose children are in the Bilingual program. Schools with State Mandated Transitional Bilingual programs are required to establish a Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) which functions as a standing committee on the LSC. The BAC serves to identify and address academic concerns related to the school’s bilingual education programs in the CIWP and budget allocations.


Please click here to access previous BAC Documents (Agenda and Presentation)



Manuel Perez Elementary School 

The center is located at the Manuel Perez Elementary School (2001 S. Throop Street) and houses a comprehensive lending library consisting of a variety of parenting and educational resources, information on community services in the native languages represented in CPS. The center also hosts training on parenting skills, computer skills and other personal development opportunities for parents. For additional information, please call (773) 534-7698.

Peter Cooper Dual Language Academy 

The center is located at Peter Cooper Dual Language Academy (1624 West 19th Street) and brings together educators, parents and community experts to explore innovations in bilingual education topics. Its extensive library contains resources for bilingual educators and all teachers of ELL’s. For additional information, please call (773) 534-7737.



Elisabeth Cardona, President
Ulises Alanis, Vice President
Nicole Abreu Shepard, Secretary
Roberto Lopez-Tamayo, Representative
Ross Basmadji, Alternate Representative
Eva Corona, Teacher Representative