Let's Husky Hustle and raise money for our school!

Husky Hustle is our annual fitness fundraiser and fun for all. Students will have the opportunity to get outside for almost a full hour with their class to complete fitness challenges, “Race the Bases” against staff and volunteers, and eat lunch together - all while raising money for our school. 
Let friends and family know you’re participating! Create your student's Personal Fundraiser Page and ask for support by visiting the link https://igfn.us/vf/2023HuskyHustle. Share it on social media!
We have some fun school-wide prizes planned for each milestone goal:
  • $2,500 - Husky Hallway Parade
  • $5,000 - Extra Recess!
  • $7,500 - Class Movie and Popcorn
  • $10,000 - "Stick It to the Principal" and tape Dr. Kimbrough to a wall! Two individual or family fundraising pages will be selected at random to place the first or last tape!
Additionally, any student who raises at least $15 will get a free kids scoop from Jeni's Ice Creams.
ALL students will be joining in on the fun. Our recess coordinators, Coach Crystal and the Urban Initiatives team, will run this school day event with the help of Friends of Jahn.
Parents and guardians are welcome to come watch but must stay outside the school gates or you can sign up HERE to help with a shift. To volunteer, you must be registered as at least a Level II Volunteer with CPS.
Friday, September 29th 
  • Homeroom 101 (AM) - 9:00-9:30 AM
  • Homerooms 001, 002, 102, 103 - 12:45-1:40 PM
  • Homeroom 101 (PM) - 1:50-2:30 PM
Grades K-8
  • Homerooms 108, 109, 207, 209 - 9:40-10:40 AM
  • Homerooms 203, 204, 208 - 10:45-11:45 AM
  • Homerooms 307, 305, 309 - 11:45-12:40 PM
  • Homerooms 202 & 301 - 1:50-2:30 PM
We are raising money for the school while having fun together. Everyone gets to participate! Funds raised from the event could help cover programs not covered in our school budget such as new books for the library, field trips, and teacher and classroom supplies.
Create your student’s Personal Page or share Hero's page or his friend Hamburger's and start fundraising NOW! The site will close after the event on Sunday, October 1 at 11:59 pm. Also, checks may be made out to Friends of Jahn and sent to the school at 3149 N Wolcott Avenue.
Let’s reach our $10,000 fundraising goal! Go Jahn Huskies!!