Summary of Committees & Groups

Committees and Groups
Jahn has many different groups of stakeholders that drive various initiatives at the school. Members of the Jahn community are encouraged to join these committees and/or attend meetings as a guest. 
This elected group of parents, staff, teachers and community representatives serves as the policy-making body of the school.
Friends of Jahn School (FOJ) is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization of parents, community members, teachers, and school administrators committed to supporting Jahn School of Fine Art’s growth and success through fundraising and community outreach activities.
The PPLC proposes recommendations to the principal and the LSC on all matters related to the educational program, including but not limited to, curriculum, school improvement plan development and implementation, and school budgeting.
The PAC uses federal Title 1 resources to plan programs of interest to Jahn families to support their children’s success in school.
The BAC serves to identify and address academic concerns related to the school’s bilingual education programs in the CIWP and budget allocations.
The DLC is a standing committee under the Jahn Local School Council (LSC) that serves to empower families of students with disabilities and advise the LSC.
Jahn Arts Council is an LSC committee dedicated to helping all Jahn students develop as artists, musicians and performers. 
The Communications Working Group strives to achieve clear and consistent messaging across all of the communications touchstones at Jahn Elementary.